Zello PTT Walkie-Talkie app would help you make calls even without a SIM!

Okay so we have things like Skype and LINE and may be other numerous apps that help you make calls over the internet without using your money.  But Zello is probably a better alternative for those who want to use a more closed network of their own. For one, it does not require a SIM at all. It does not juice contacts out of your SIM’s address book. You just need to add each other over the app as contacts and you’re good to go.

Zello PTT Walkie-Talkie app could be easily downloaded from the Play Store. It is not too heavy either, at 5.6 MB. The app would first ask you to make an account which does not require too much information. The good thing is that it does not ask for (or fetches by itself) your phone number. Then you just go on and find people from your email or send invites to your friends. You could talk to anyone from anywhere until and unless they have Zello up and working on their cellphones.

I faced no glitches with the app whatsoever.  Yes, it is a little tricky at first to get the point, but when you understand how to use it, the app is pretty user-friendly. You could also use ‘channels’ which is pretty much like a conference call. You could also see the entire chat history, but that is one common feature. What is not common however, is the availability of the app across so many different platforms. Literally, it supports Android, iOS, Blackberry, PC and Windows Phone. And when I say that you need no SIM card, I do not ignore the fact that you would rather use your mobile data for the app. But it is advisable to use it over a WiFi network. It works better.

It is nothing groundbreaking, considering that it uses the same old Walkie-Talkie technique in its operation. But still, it is a rather useful app. Highly recommended.

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