Storing old photos in your phone gets better with the new app from Google

I’m sure everyone would have tried clicking pictures of their old photos and preserving it for the coming years. But the clarity that’s compromised disheartens us!

Scanning the pictures is a sure shot option that we can go for, but how about an app that exists for our photos alone?!


Google has launched a new app that will help you scan all your memorable old pictures just with a click. The new app comes across as the Google PhotoScan app, and it is all that a photo collecting freak might want!

Google’s new PhotoScan app will help you digitize your old photos and save it to your phone memory. The app scans the photo and further crops it, makes the required corrections and removes glares.

So the photos that you scan via PhotoScan app will be as good as the actual copy. The app saves pictures to Google photos, so you will not have to worry about the back up either!

PhotoScan app is already launched and is available for all Android and iOS users. At the moment, the app seems to be getting some updates. So you can go ahead and download the latest version from your phone’s app store.

Start reliving your memories with the new PhotoScan app. And if you have acquainted the same, do leave your suggestions below!

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