Samsung’s new VR headsets could be soon official

Virtual headsets and reality headsets have led a new way of enjoying videos and online streaming. Moreover, there are many other brands that has introduced the thrill of VR headsets for users. And frantically, the love of VR headsets among users has reached an all new level of success.

So, here’s Samsung, introducing two new VR headsets in the market. And apparently, that is all that any video lover could have asked for.

This new launch from the company seems to be a new variant of the VR flagship of headsets.

As the officials of Samsung have announced, one of the two new VR headsets will be dubbed as the Samsung Gear VR 2. Dr. Sung Hoon, the Vice president of Samsung Electronics has spilled the beans with this small hint.

Putting more light on the details of the VR headset, the VP has revealed that the VR headset will have a rendering engine. So this proves that the new VR headset is in for some serious augmented reality.

Coming to the second Samsung VR headset, the device will be built on the existing preeminent technologies. Something like the Magic Leap AR technology and Microsoft’s amazing new HoloLens technology.

The VP added that his team has been developing a light field engine for the VR headsets which could be used with Samsung’s holograph technology.

While one of the VR headsets seem to be perfectly in place, Samsung might be in need of some collaboration for the second one. So there is a possibility to partner from Samsung’s end for the second VR headset.

What is your expectation for the features of this new Samsung VR headset?! Leave your suggestions below!

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