Samsung’s new Galaxy phone will hit the market by April next year

Samsung fans are eagerly waiting for a new launch to the Galaxy S flagship phones. And if you are not really a fan of the Japanese phone maker, the recent impressive launches from the company will make you look out for one.

However, the company has been releasing its  mid-range and high end phones at short intervals. Samsung phones have come a long way since the introduction of their budget phones. And it is now that we see a list of options in all the ranges.

Talking about the Galaxy series, there’s just a never-ending list of phones that we already have. But here’s one more Samsung for the Galaxy series. Apparently, the company will be releasing a new variant for the much in demand, Galaxy series.

The new phone will be dubbed as the Samsung Galaxy S8.

If we can believe a few reports, the new phone will be making its way to the Android market next year in April.

After the major blunder of the S6 Edge blast issues, Samsung is sure to be very careful with hardware setting up of the new phone.

Well something that can disappoint you as a reader is that, we do not have any details on the hardware set or the details of the phone.

As far as the specifications of the phone are concerned, we will have a complete hang of it after the official launch of the phone.

What is your expectation for the specs of Samsung Galaxy S8? Leave your comments below!

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