Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge blast reports bothers users

Samsung phones have been a delight from the time they have lined up phones in all ranges. But after recent brunt of the phones’ bursting incidents, the company has been facing quiet a lot of blues. The blast and the burn issues have been for the higher end phones, however people’s trust issues with the phone has gone on stake.

And the disappointing part is that, it’s not just about the one incident that happened. There has been a number of cases registered against Samsung for its abrupt burning and blast issues. In fact, the blast issue of the phone has threatened people to such an extent that highly prone Samsung phones have been banned in flights.

While on the other hand, this didn’t bother many of the Samsung fans, and the company is still at its peak with the sale of its phones. But what worries us now is that, another such incident of burn or blast will be a serious issue of disappointment to everyone out there.

This time its Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge which has fallen prey to blasts.

This sounds pretty dangerous to trust these high-end phones again.

Upon careful investigation, the lithium battery of this model seems to be responsible for the unexpected blast. The lithium batteries which are quite volatile in nature makes them prone to blast, but the fact is that, they are capable of a lot of power in such a compact package.

So probably this was the reason, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has caught up in fire. Many of the people assume that the phone would have caught up fire while in charging. But as a matter of fact, the one that blasted was not in charging.

The R&D team continues to investigate on the matter, and clear reasons will be brought into light in a few days.

Well after a line of incidents of battery blasts and phone burn out, this is the last thing that Samsung would have wanted to see.

We hope to see the best solution to this, and a stop to all these blast issues from the company. What is your say on this? Leave your suggestions below!

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