Prynt to make mobile printing fast and portable

The company has created an app to support the functioning of the mobile case-cum-printer device called Prynt, which has to be downloaded before it starts working. The device is capable of taking a print out every 50 seconds but the makers are working narrow it down to 30 seconds. Another wonderful feature is that it could take a video just before and after you click a pic and  print out and turn your photos into videos like those in the Harry Potter newspapers (that is a little exaggeration, I think).

Prynt’s CEO, Clement Perrot, commented,”At the moment, only one sheet of paper can fit in the case. However, this will soon be increased to up to 30 pieces.”

As of now, the device is only available for 4 inches large phones but the manufacturers are trying to make it fit for larger phones.The price has been fixed at around Rs.6,000.

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