Lenovo K6 power launched with a list of bang on specs

The “Kickass” power phone, as Lenovo addresses it, is something that’s going to have jaw dropping features and specs. Lenovo has made a grant launch announcement of the phone with very few specifications revealed. And like always, we will have to wait for the official launch of the phone for the complete specs list.

However, the company doesn’t dishearten us. We have a vague idea of the areas where users are gonna see those “Kickass” ways of the company’s new Lenovo K6 power.

Lenovo has revealed three features for the phone which might be probably the highlights of Lenovo K6 power. The company is hinting on the camera quality, and reveals that users are going to see themselves in a a new way.

Likewise for the battery, it is apparently going to have a Kickass battery life and the sound seems to be earth shattering.

Apart from this we do not have any other details on the specifications of the phone. The same goes with the price, and we do have any word on the price of Lenovo K6 power.

Luckily there is no long wait for this phone, Lenovo K6 power will be launched on 29th November at 3 PM. The sale for the same will begin from December 6. You can also choose to be notified via email, if you do not wish to miss out on the first day sale.

Are your exited for the new Kickass phone from Lenovo? What is your expectation for the price of Lenovo K6 power? Leave your comments below!

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