Google Home’s new tools is all you could have asked for

How far you think Google will guide you?! Well to the extent of cooking and baking?! As exciting as it sounds, Google has made it through the upgrades, and we will now have the ease of being guided by Google for our Kitchen chores as well.

It’s Christmas and all of us are set in for all the preparations that’s coming. Be it in terms of the cooking or picking up the groceries, there’s just hell lot of things crawling this season. And guess what, Google seems to be making everything easy for you.

So Google is here for us with something called as the Google Home. Specially if you are held up with all the Kitchen doings, these Google home tools will be of great help to you. Take a look.


So starting with timers, this tool from Google home will let you set up timer and alert you when needed. All you have to do is just say “Ok Google” to silence the timer.

You can give multiple and your required instructions for the timer so as to get yourself guided with Google’s perfect timer.

Google Keep shopping list:

There are just so many things that we need to purchase, but we just tend to forget when it’s time to pick it up. So take the help of Google’s Keep shopping list.

You can give out instructions like:

“Add sugar to my shopping list”

Or you can even do a double check on your list by asking, “what’s on my shopping list?”

Measurements and conversions:

Well we do this every time! The only difference now is, you can do it with the ease if your voice alone. And you will not have to take the pain of going to Google and typing for any kind of conversion that you wish to know.

Google’s conversions and measurements can be handled by this tool from Google home with just your voice.

Your time killer in kitchen:

How much ever busy you might get in the kitchen, at one point you will definitely find yourself staring at the empty vessels for no reason. So when you find yourself in that situation, just instruct Google Home to make you hear some good foot tapping music.

You can further instruct the Google Home to set the volume or play a particular track from your phone. So you will kind of have a personal assistant with you in the Kitchen.

What’s more interesting with this feature is that, your other Google Home tool will still remain active while you’re instructing Google Home to play radio or your fav tracks.

The Recipe Help:

Learning a new way of making something is always a treat. And google has been constantly updating it’s set of recipes and cooking methods. While there are other websites as well that give you a great glimpse of the cooking recipe and methods, Google’s piece of information will surely attract you.

So apart from your husband and family, Google Home is all set to listen to your instructions and act accordingly! Do you find these tools from Google Home interesting?! Leave your comments below!

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