Facebook messenger gets updated with multiple video calling feature

Let’s admit it! Video streaming and live video chat has become one of the coolest factor for smartphones. And while all the messaging apps are marching towards it, whatsapp has also been introduced with the same. So why will the gigantic Facebook messenger lack behind.

Following whatsapp, Facebook messenger is apparently one of the leading social messaging app. With emoticons and other exciting features being upgraded for the app, messenger has now tipped off with the most awaited feature.

So here’s a beam of hope for everyone who was looking for the video calling facility for the Facebook messenger. Your needs have been answered, and video calling for Facebook messenger is officially up now.

As the launch event of the update announces, this new update will be coming up with the Video calling feature for Facebook messenger.

If you think this is all the excitement that the update brings, wait until I tell you about the next feature. The video calling for the Facebook messenger will support video chats for upto six people at a time.

Further more, the group chat will also support 50 people at a time for text and audio chat. Now that’s something incredible that we don’t get to see with most of the video chat apps.

The update is out for users already, and if you are looking out to use this new and exciting feature, make sure you have updated your Facebook messenger app to the latest version.

Probably the onset of this new feature for the messenger will overshadow the use of many other older video calling apps like skype and other video calling apps.

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