Make melody with your phone : Best Music apps for Android

Do you search all around the web just to download and listen to your favorite song? Do the tik-tok with your small handy friend, your phone! Its time your phone starts helping you to bring out the music lover in you.


Do you like to sing along with your favorite song playing? Well this app is your cup of tea then! This app recognizes the music playing around you and provides you with its lyrics.

Tap the “Soundhound” button so that the app recognizes the music playing around you.

It automatically searches around the web, for the lyrics of the music played and displays it to you. The most amazing feature of the app is that the lyrics moves along in time with the music playing.

2.Autorap by Smule:

Wanna be the next Eminem?? Try out  this app to make your own rap music! With Smule’s  “rappification” technology, AutoRap maps the syllables of your speech to any beat, creating a unique rap every time. All you need to do is just speak out the words in your phone.

The stage is all yours! Make your own rap song and bring out the rapper in you.

3.Karaoke sing and record:

Sound like a superstar even if you are not!

Sing: Browse through the YouTube for songs of your choice.

Record: Once you select the track of your choice, sing it in your own voice along with the lyrics. You can add special effects like echo and re-verb if you like.

Share: Let your talent shine out among your friends on Facebook and whats app!

4.DJ studio 5:

The app comes with a powerful party-virtual turntable for DJs and enables  mix, remix, scratch, loop or pitch music in the palm of your hands.  The app is also enabled with 2 virtual turntables with cross fader, no popups everyday, edit and re-order playlist, 8 sound effects: Flanger, Phaser, Gate, Reverb, Bit crusher, 3D, Brake and FlippingDouble, 3-bands equalizer for each deck.

Host the next party with your own DJ mixer!!

5.Bollywood songs:

The app comes pre-loaded with more than 2 million Bollywood songs and music videos. Not only the new and recent collection, but the app brings to you music from retro movies. You can directly enjoy the track without any buffering.

Up for some party? Upset about something? Enjoying the monsoon outside? Let your music define your mood.  Simple select the mood of music you want to hear like-happy, sad or party and enjoy the rhythm.

It is said that, listening to your favorite  music reduces the risk of heart problems.

Feel light enjoying these bag of apps.

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