Wear an Android on your wrist!

Posted on Jul 12 2014 - 9:43am by Yugishtha Shrivastava

Android phones are a hit. So, once upon a time a techy, goofy mind wondered, what next? And the coolest thing was invented- the android smart watches! Haven’t we all fancied about wearing an android on the wrist just like those oh-so-cool sci-fi movies? Well, now it is a reality for the middle class Indians too! Just have a look at the super-cool watches the Indian market is going gaga over.

Samsung Galaxy Gear


This watch is flawless-  in terms of design, configuration, comfort, all things you probably need in an android watch. Plus it comes with the good name of Samsung. This watch is compatible with a few android phone and runs on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. It comes with a 4 GB internal memory and 512 MB RAM. The watch comes with the popular android apps like Evernote, Line, Glympse among others. It has a decent 1.9 mp camera with auto focus, a 1.63 inch AMOLED display and a 800 MHz processor.  It was released in India at a whooping  Rs. 22900 but now,you could buy a Gear on Amazon.in for Rs.12999 (lime color). the color range for this watch is awesome and youthful. Samsung successfully keeps its crown intact even in the smart watch section.

Sony Smartwatch 2


This watch is compatible with all android phones using Android 4.0 Ice Cream and higher. It has a nice battery back up of 3-4 days and it may even last 7 days on low usage. The apps available for this watch include Facebook, Twitter and a few other standard apps.  It has a 200 Mhz processor, 1.6 inch LCD display and an appealing design. The majorly sold colour of this watch is black though it is also available in other colors. The watch does not have a camera like the Gear but it has three times as many apps to choose from. You could own this watch from Amazon at a price of Rs.11,290, Flipkart sells the same for Rs. 13500.



This watch is the latest entrant in the list of smart watches and is yet to be released.The most talked about feature of this watch is it’s design. It’s sleek, stylish, modern round design which Google has adopted to make it wearable for both the genders and avoid those sharp edges. Among the new-in-class features are wireless Qi charging and the OS Android Wear proposed by Google, specially designed for wearable devices. Funnily enough, most smart watches do not show time when an app is open but this one would show you the time whenever u lift your wrist up. Motorola does not think a camera is essential for a smart watch and so there’s no camera like the Gear provides.  The official specs of this watch, the cost and the final release date are not available yet. The tech savvies are waiting for this smart watch with excitement!

I’m Watch


This one has been in the market for quite a while now. It is compatible with iOS 4.0 and higher, Android 4 and higher, and Blackberry 10. It weighs just 95 grams and has a little 1.5 inch display. The RAM is 128 MB. It runs on a customized Android version or I’m Droid 2 and has a dedicated android market- I’market. The main attraction would be its availability in so many styles and colors. You can check Facebook, Twitter, e-mails and notifications quite smoothly but the text messages integration is missing. The price this minute is Rs. 16499. Overall, this is one watch which is handy and light weight but the other competitors like Sony Smartwatch 2 and Samsung Gear take the hat away.



So, the android smart watches are surely a thing to watch out for in the near future. Currently,the smart watches could not strike a chord with the Indian consumers but with Google coming up with the Android Wear and the prices being lowered, the future really seems bright. Many more brands are coming up with new contestants in this section and the competition is about to become fierce. So if you have been obsessed with James Bond’s stylish watch in the Golden eye  or other stuff like the Men in Black guys do, be ready to get trendy! Watch this space for more updates.

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