Vivo Y31 review

Posted on Nov 6 2015 - 11:55am by Freeda Gillbert

Vivo is a new name that we are hearing in the market now. And being based in China, Vivo would have been surely criticized for the phone for being a “China Make”. But I’m sure our notion for China phones have changed after the grand success of the Xiaomi and Lenovo.

Vivo has come up with a good of number of phones like the Vivo T15S, Vivo V1 Max, Vivo Max X5, Vivo X5 Max+.

Well for the reviewing we have one of the budget phones, Vivo Y31.

So with the specs and details of the the phone, here is a complete Vivo Y31 review and Vivo Y31 unboxing.


The phone comes packed in compact and neat packaging. Depending on the color shade of your phone, Vivo Y31 is paired up with the same color for accessories.81vivovivo


Vivo Y31 is compact phone with the design. It sports a display size of 4.7 inch. That’s not small but it’s rather a convenient grip for busy bees. So the Vivo Y31 can be ideal for students or busy working people with the size of the phone.


Vivo Y31 comes in two shades, Black and White.

Now coming to the looks, Vivo Y31 is not really sleek but it gives a sober look with the slight thickness for the phone.

All in all, the design of Vivo Y31 is cute and compact.


Vivo Y31 is powered by a 1.3Ghz Quad core processor coupled with a RAM space of 1GB. So that makes you swing through the applications without any lags or hanging issues.

Vivo Y31 has inbuilt storage of 8GB which is further expandable upto 128GB through SD card.

The phone runs on the very new Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system.


vivo review

Now coming to the exciting feature about the Vivo Y31, the phone comes with interface that is very much like the iPhone. So for everyone loving the iPhone, this can be one of the impressive features!

Having the iPhone lookalike interface, Vivo Y31 carries the same look with its menu list and other apps.

Smart call features:

vivo review

Smart call:

Vivo Y31 comes with smart call feature that let’s you make smart gestures while you are getting calls. The smart call feature lets you call contacts from contact detail, messages thread and call detail interface.

Smart answer:

This feature allows you to take incoming calls directly without having to operating the toggle bar. You can do that by bringing  the phone close to your ears.

Wave to hands free:

Many a times it may happen that your hands are held up with work and you’re not able to answer calls. This feature will help you take calls on loudspeaker by simply waving your palm over the display of the phone.

Smart switch:

You can directly turn off your loudspeaker by bringing your phone close to your ears.

Smart mute:

Smart mute will help users to mute or silent incoming calls by placing their palm over the display of the phone

Smart wake features:

To go to any app, what we normally do is wake up the screen, go to the menu list and then click on the app.

With the Vivo Y31’s smart wake feature, users can simply gesture the app by writing the first alphabet of the app on the display to directly open the app.

If you wish to open whatsapp on your phone, you just have to draw ‘W’ on the screen to open the app.

You can add upto maximum five apps in the list.

Additional smart features:

vivo review

Users can turn on flashlight by shaking the phone and zoom pictures by tilting the phone.

The smart remind feature, displays all the missed calls and the unread messages on your phone when you see the display.


Something that I loved the most about Vivo Y31 is the camera. Well the photos prove that the company has not just carried the iPhone interface, but also the picture clarity.

Rear camera of the phone has a resolution of 8MP and the front camera has a resolution of 2MP. Yet with the picture quality, both rear and front results are adorably beautiful.



It is very difficult to make out the difference between the results from rear camera and front camera.


Rear camera picture

Front camera picture

Front camera picture

Both the front and rear camera of Vivo Y31 give beautiful pictures in broad day light.

While even indoors, the camera gives amazing pictures. So light is not at all a limitation for Vivo Y31.

Indoor Photo

Indoor Photo


Vivo Y31 is accompanied with a 2100mAh battery. This is a bit disappointing with the phone. For someone who is not really a die hard gamer or internet user, they can manage to pull out a day with the phone.

Else the phone will need to be charged twice a day!


The market price of the phone falls somewhere around Rs. 9,800. But the same varies in different stores depending on your locality.

Vivo Y31 comes with hats off camera quality for the price.

Final verdict:

The camera of Vivo Y31 is what makes me fall in love with the phone! And not to forget all the smart features, vivo has given a lot for the price.

So for me Vivo Y31 is a great deal, if hardware and camera is your major concern.

One thing that could be a bit annoying with the phone is that, you don’t find certain features and settings easily in the settings list. Like the Bluetooth  is not to be seen in the settings panel. But if you dig into more settings, you find the option. So that makes it a bit complicated.

Vivo Y31 further does not come with any options or quick settings in the notifications panel like we have for all other phones. Settings has to be manually operated from the menu list.

Nevertheless, Vivo Y31 makes a convincing entry for buyers looking for featured budget phones!

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