Top 5 Keyboard Apps for Android

Posted on Oct 7 2014 - 5:17am by Aditi Patel

Are you bored of using the default keyboard on your phone? Looking out for some new classy keyboard with different colorful themes? If yes ,then today’s article will definitely serve your need. We will go through some Keyboard Apps for android phones having wow features that will provide fun and ease with typing.  All the keyboard apps listed here will be available at the Play Store.

The alternative keyboard apps comes with some innovative input-methods. To find best suitable on-screen keyboard app from the huge collection of keyboard apps for android phones is little bit difficult. Trying our best, here, we have jot down 5 keyboard apps.

ai.type Keyboard:

The app comes with 5 FREE included keyboard theme. ai.type will learn to understand your pattern of typing, predict the next word and complete or correct words as you type. You can customize everything from key colors, background pictures, keyboard patterns; add a 5th row to your keyboard to use letters and digits or even re-size the keyboard with a simple swipe. You can also edit and store your own shortcuts to use while typing. The only downside is the that app requests us to allow to store all the passwords and credit card numbers we type.



This one is for all those who wants more screen space. The app sports a single-row keyboard. It’s the normal QWERTY keyboard, just minimized down to one row of keys. It’s very easy to use the keyboard: a single tap on the letter and it will pop up bunch of 4 surrounding letters for easy selection .Minuum is fully customizable with themes and emoji.



GO Keyboard:

Just like Smart Keyboard Pro, GO Keyboard’s strong point is customization like adding custom touch sounds and Emoji. This app provides various layouts such as QWERTY, QWERTZ and AZERTY for phone mode and other layouts specifically for pad tablet.



Thumb Keyboard:

Do you often press wrong key !? Then this one is the right choice of keyboard for you. Thumb Keyboard app features “split layouts” for tablets and large screen devices offering more comfortable thumb-typing. You can customize your keyboard with different 25+ themes. The drawback of the app is it doesn’t provide emoji and no trial version of the app is available.



Emoji Keyboard:

Last in the list of top 5 keyboard apps is for those who are crazy about emoji, emoticons, text face, stickers and smiley. Along with emoji, the app sports Gesture Typing with dynamic floating preview, next word suggestions and current word completions. You can also customize your keyboard theme color, key text color, background color as well as you can set your picture as Keyboard Wallpaper too.


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