Tech In 2022: Introducing Meta-Verse


This concept was predictable because use of a lot of concepts in this TECH were already known to exist but many other concepts are being introduced along with the impossible task of integrating real world with virtual world.

Let’s talk about what Meta-verse is all about and what this concept has to offer:

  • PRESENCE –Social media users have more inclination towards visual representation of stories and ideas now rather than texts and they see people doing various adventures and experiences in their day to day lives. Meta will let you experience everything in your virtual life without the constraint of a screen and even let you jump into different places and experience without having to actually visit there.

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  • AVATARS – This feature has already been incorporated in several platforms like instagram and even bitmojis in snapchat have been updated to look like avatars. This is somewhat like a profile picture and how others will be able to see us in the Meta-verse with customizable clothing styles and appearance options.
  • SPACES – Here you are given an option of freedom to design your home-space, workspace, and even create other spaces as per your choice and even invite your friends and family over for a party or get together.
  • TELEPORTING – Just the idea of missing your family who are miles away but you have the option of teleporting to them through a 4D hologram is just life changing. TECH has improved so much that now you can now be present at two completely different locations on Earth just through devices like headsets.
  • VIRTUAL GOODS – Everything that is owned by you in Meta-verse will not be a waste but will actually be considered you property by people in the real world as well like crypto currency and NFTs. This feature is also very important because a lot of business concerns have a chance to grow and the AR world will have a combined marketplace with real world where people can buy and sell goods to avatars as well.

The above points are just the basic features of what and how this Meta-verse works and what it is all about. This surely is will be one of the greatest TECH innovations after the invention of Internet, if Meta can successfully implement their ideas as per their 5-10 year plan. Meta-verse can completely change how people work and live and be a revolutionary TECH innovation for the generations to come.