Samsung S4 Active users: Kitkat update alert!

Posted on Jul 12 2014 - 8:45am by Freeda Gillbert

kitkat update for S4 activeAfter long anticipation Samsung has finally come up with  the new android Kitkat(4.4.2) update for Samsung S4 Active. Samsung has  yet to complete the automatic updation of the devices but for all those who do not wish to wait till then. Here’s an option.

One can manually update the device to Android Kitkat(4.4.2) following certain intructions to avoid loss of data and damage to the device while appyling the firmware.


Updated version: 4.4.2 I9295XXUCNE4 (Supports update on S4 active GTI9295)

Why switch to Android Kitkat:

•Consumes very less RAM space.

•Improved battery life.

•Translucent system UI styling

•Enhanced notification access.

•Chromium web view.

•Screen recording.

•Resolution switching through adaptive playback.

Things to do before updating the phone:

•Back up all the important data in your phone.

•Use debugging mode by going to Settings>Developer options.

•Make sure your phone has 80% battery level. So that it doesn’t get switched off while the phone is getting updated which can cause damage to the device..

We will further guide you with the installation process step by step.

1. Download the Kitkat  firmware Zip file via WinRAR/7-Zip/WinZip.

2.Extract the Odin 3v3.07.exe from the Odin zip file.

3.Switch off your phone.

4. Boot your phone to download mode. One can do this by  pressing and holding the power button+home and volume buttons together.

5.Wait for the android icon and warning triangle to appear on the screen. Tap the volume up button to proceed.

6.Open the Odin and run it on the Computer as administrator.

7. Connect your phone to the computer using USB cable.

8.The ID:COM box will flash a blue light displaying the COM port number.

9.A Prompt will appear saying “ADDED”

10.Choose the following files from the extracted folder of the firmware:

-Tap the PDA button and choose .tar.md5 file

-Select the phone button and choose the MODEM  file.

-Tap the CSC button and choose the CSC file.

-Select PIT option choose .pit file.

-Under Odin allow check on the auto reboot and F.reset time boxes

-If the .pit file was previously chosen then  the re-partition  box should be checked.

Make sure all the steps are followed correctly. Wait for the installation process to be completed. The device will reboot.Wait for green background before you disconnect your phone from the computer.To check if your phone has been updated, go to Settings>About Phone.

You phone is now updated to the new Android Kitkat (4.4.2)

You can now use your same old phone with some new features. When the world is running at a fast pace, a fast system in our phone is much needed. So start exploring all the innovative features.Download and enjoy using your phone with  Kitkat!

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