Prisma Android app review

Posted on Jul 29 2016 - 7:04am by Freeda Gillbert

I don’t think the app needs any more introduction after all the hype for all the beautiful painting portrayal pictures! The Prisma app has been doing great rounds with smartphone users. Especially after the onset of the Prisma app for Android phones, the fun has been doubled. All through the Social media apps and platforms, Prisma pictures are simple raining.

So here’s a detailed review on the same. Take a look!

Prisma Android app review

App interface:

prisma android app review

The app interface is very simple and easy to understand. And there are hardly three to four things to use from this app. Prisma app opens with a direct camera capture to click pictures and turn it to the painting portrayal effect ones. There is also one small gallery icon on the right bottom corner from where you can select other pictures if you don’t wish to click one.

Editing effects:

prisma effects

Once you have captured or selected the image to edit, you will find different options of effects to choose from. There are roughly 30 Prisma effects in the app. So you can make the most of it with all new effects for all your pictures without much repetition.



Even with the settings page, there are no much changes that you can make. Saving the original photos, watermark options and the saving options are some of the changes that you can do in the app. Nothing more.



Treat to people who love to have their photos converted to the most beautiful and artistic thing.

No fake effects. Professional painting work effects.


The app works on data connection, but it eat up your MBs much! Consumes very minimal internet.

The “Over-capacity error”. At the moment, the app is showing up with the Over load error to many users. And this is pissing off a lot of Android Prisma users. However, the officials have confirmed to solve out the error soon.

So all in all, the app is going to dd great colors and life to your image. I’m sure Prisma is going to be an app of fun and bubbly pictures.

prisma app review

Go Prisma and color your pictures!

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