Ossia introduces wireless charging with Cota

Posted on Nov 19 2015 - 4:37am by Freeda Gillbert

Now Samsung Edge is not going to the only phone that will be blessed with the wireless charging! With the new launch of the Wireless charger, Cota, users are going to have a great ease charging their phones and other devices.

So now users are going to have a breakthrough charging their phones.

Now talking about the new launch, a company called Ossia, has launched a new technology system called the Cota.

Briefing the new technology, the company has stated that the system can charge devices remotely up to 30 feet by using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas as receivers.

Cota wireless charging

The new wireless charging system is named as Cota. Cota can charge compatible devices within a 30 foot radius. It can transmit 10 watts of power, while the devises being charged can pull a maximum of 6 watts.

Another feature that could be exciting with Cota is that, it is not limited with charging just for smartphones and wearables. The wireless charging system extends to charging other devices like keyboards and portable chargers.

Cota, wireless charging, will need a charger and a receiver to work. . The receiver sends omni directional beacon signals to find the Cota charger.  Further for the safety of the charger, Cota uses quite a low power signal which makes it safe to use.

While something unfortunate with the Cota wireless charging is that, it stops charging when the device is used while charging.

Cota could be a step ahead of all the other wireless charging devices. Given that, it needs just the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signal, this could be far more convenient for users to charge their devices.

There is no official list of the compatible devices with the Cota wireless charger. But we could hope to see a good number of devices that could be compatible with the charger.

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