Obscure-Texting privacy like never before

Posted on Oct 7 2014 - 6:47am by Freeda Gillbert

Ever feel like wish you could take back that embarrassing photo that you shared?! I think that is next to impossible to take back the photo that you just shared, unless the person deletes it from their end!


So now there is something interesting in the play store that lets you delete permanently all the photos that you shared!

Obscure comes as a simple texting app which connects through all your messaging apps like Facebook, your Google contacts and your personal contacts. The only thing adding to this messaging app apart from just your normal messaging app is that it adds privacy to your messages and all the photos that you share.

Obscure – Share what you want - screenshot thumbnail

The app comes with a built in dedicated option to simply click a picture and instantly share it with your friends. Now I guess you would be thinking that it is not something unique with a messaging app. But the unique feature of the photo sharing with Obscure awaits further.

Obscure – Share what you want - screenshot thumbnail Obscure – Share what you want - screenshot thumbnail

Our friends are way too smart making our pictures look funny and freaking out! And the app adds to their convenience with the Doodles and sticker option. So your pictures are not gonna be the same once you share it with your mad friends! And also for you if you wish to share the pictures with a little bit of fun and madness, take up the Doodle or stickers!

Obscure – Share what you want - screenshot thumbnail

Do you ever feel like someone is having an on look on your text messages? Then I think its high time you show that “someone” there is nothing that you can see! You can be perfectly ensured that your messages with the Obscure app will be locked and hidden for anyone who tries to peek into your messages!

Last but not the least this one going to add wings to your messaging experience! If you ever feel the photos that you just share could be misused or for any other reason if you feel you want to take your photos that you shared, you can simply delete the photos from your conversation in the Obscure app. Much like the Snapchat, Obscure can be another option for you!

So your texting time is surely gonna change with the Obscure app, atleast you would love the deleting option of the app. Who is going to try out the Obscure app? Let us know in your comments.

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