New Instagram update gives users the Snapchat feel vibes

Posted on Aug 3 2016 - 8:37am by Freeda Gillbert

One good reason why Snapchat is trending among users is that, the posts and updates expire in 24 hours. So whatever you flaunt across the entire day, will not be there the next day. And that has made users all the more free about using the social media app!

But if you are an Insta freak, the app has brought ahead the same perks for you.

And if you like clicking pictures for every fun moment, Instagram is also going to help you now the same way like Snapchat did.

As per the update announced by Instagram itself, the app will be coming with the stories feed feature. This will be same like the stories concept of Snapchat.

instagram stories update

Post the new update on Instagram, users will be able to post timed stories. And there is one bonus with the timed posts on instagram. You can add stories and posts that will expire in less than 24 hours or so.

But there’s one thing about this feature that might disappoint you! Users will not be able to either like it or comment on it. However you can personally drop in some comments to the user!

Although this update has got a lot of imitations from Snapchat, we do not have the Snapchat’s 3D Lenses and face swap features.

So if you go well with instagram, this update will be a great delight for you. What is your say on this update inspired by the tending Snapchat app? Leave your comments below!

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