Moto 360 2nd Gen in making

Posted on Mar 5 2015 - 10:30am by Yugishtha Shrivastava

Motorola is out there releasing the second generation models for all its devices. Obviously there is much curiosity in geek-town as to when the Moto 360 predecessor would make a debut. So, it would. Or so the Motorola folks are indirectly pointing out at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

According to a report from AndroidPit, Motorola has discussed a new smartwatch which would be coming to various markets this very year. They are planning a new watch, but it is not going to be an entirely new piece. It would be a re-incarnation of the Lenovo-owned company’s well-received watch, the Moto 360. According to a comment by Motorola Mobility President Rick Osterloh, Motorola loves 360’s round display and plans to retain it in the newer watch.

Moto 360

Also, the new watch is going to be smaller than the Moto 360. If they mean slimmer or just shorter, is yet unclear but both would be acceptable considering that the Moto 360 looked pretty huge. Peeps at Motorola want to keep the watch customizable like anything. Well, or that is what we understand when Adrienne Hayes, SVP of Motorola’s Global Marketing and Communication said,” “Our vision is always “more choice.” We think the more choice the merrier, and so I think you will probably see even more choices in the Moto 360 as time goes on.”

There is no confirmation as to when and how the company is going to release the Moto 360 2nd Gen (or whatever it may be called) but that it is going to bring out something like that, is sure. We will keep you updated on the same.

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