Montar Car Mount Review

Posted on Apr 14 2015 - 11:41am by Ajay Bisht

Nowadays  being connected all the time has become a necessary evil. We need to be connected right from the time we wake up to the time when we sleep. Most of us use our cellphones to be connected on the go. People tend to use their cellphone even while they drive.  But using a cellphone while driving can be a dangerous affair. So what’s the solution ?

In today’s review we have come up with a car mount which comes to your rescue while you need to use your cellphone in your car.
The guys at WinnerGear were generous enough to send us a review unit of their Montar Universal Car Mount. So let us see what they have got in store.

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Design and dimensions:

Montar Car mount sports a compact look. The Car mount is 4.72 inches tall and it comes with a width of 3.15 inches. So that means the jaw opening for Montar Car mount can hold phones that are upto 6 inches wide.

The smallest phone that you can fit in the Montar car mount is one that is 3 inches wide.


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There is no much hassle for the installation for the Montar Car mount in your car. The device can be placed anywhere in your car and comes with a single handed installation.

All you have to do is simple bring down the Black gear on the car mount to fix it. To release the same, simply pulling up the gear will do the job.


My Experience : 

Montar Car mount comes with a very sturdy plastic body. The good part is that the plastic is of rich quality which makes the product look great. At the top of the product we have the jaws where your phone will be held. The inner side of the jaws is made of rubber which makes sure that your device doesn’t gets any scratches. This jaw is held with a 360 degree rotating clamp. This helps you to use your mobile phone in landscape as well as portrait mode. The base of the product sports a suction cup which Montars claim is patented design. We tried the suction on our dashboard and windshield. Our dashboard is a bit grainy so the suction wasn’t that strong, but it was way perfect when we sticked it to our windshield. Above the base we have the lever which is used to start or stop the suction. You need to pull the lever up when you need to stop the suction, and push it down when you need to start the suction.

The device works equally well with both small and large screen sized devices. We tested with HTC One M7 and iPhone 6 Plus and the experience turned out to be pretty good.


Price and availability :

Montar Car Mount is priced reasonably at US$29.99. You can buy it from Amazon US or Amazon UK.

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