Microsoft selfie app or android grooves in for users

Posted on Nov 8 2016 - 9:47am by Freeda Gillbert

Microsoft has added another feather to its hat of amazing set of features for users. Until now, we have been pleased with Microsoft’s way of software updates and features that have come across our needs.

And what’s more, the company has now updated its new selfie app, featuring amazingly crazy goodies for all selfie lovers.

The company has introduced the new app as the Microsoft Selfie app. So rejoice Android users, this one’s for you alone! The new Microsoft selfie app has been introduced only for the Android users as of now.

So here’s a quick run through the complete details and perks of the selfie centered app from Microsoft.


First things first, the app recognizes and scans the complete face that’s captured in the selfie. The app can automatically detect the person’s age, gender and skin tone in the photo. And accordingly it’ll set the lighting in the image as per requirement.

Well that’s about the automatic feature of the app. And if you seem to dislike the automated image, you can go ahead and use the different filters and sliders that are provided with the app.

Along with the pictures that you click, you can also use the app to edit the images stored in your phone.

So Android users, if you have already fallen for this new Microsoft selfie app, you can grab the same from the Google Play store.

Try out the new Microsoft selfie app on your Android phone and leave your suggestions below!

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