Lenovo Tab 3 series launched at MWC 2016: Lenovo TAB3 7, Lenovo TAB3 8, Lenovo TAB3 10

Posted on Feb 22 2016 - 10:41am by Freeda Gillbert

If you thought that the Duo phones from Samsung was all the surprise that we got from the MWC 2016, then  I think we’ll be judging it too soon! Apparently, Lenovo has launched three new tablets. And what’s more, according to the launch, both the tablets have launched for the budget range.

Lenovo has launched the three new tablets as the Lenovo TAB3 7, Lenovo TAB3 8, Lenovo TAB3 10.

Lenovo TAB3

With the launch event of the tablets, here is a distinguished list of the Lenovo TAB3 7, Lenovo TAB3 8 and Lenovo TAB3 10 specifications.


Now as the name goes for all the three tablets, the last number behind  the name of tablet, denotes the display size for the same!

While in terms of the color variants for the tablets, Lenovo TAB3 series has tried innovative colors of Mint Green, Pink, Silver and Black.


Lenovo TAB3 7 and Lenovo TAB3 8:

Now since it’s a Lenovo tablet, buyers are going to expect a fair end of hardware for the tablet. Lenovo TAB3 7 and Lenovo TAB3 8, both will be featuring more or less same features. The tablet will be powered by the 1Ghz MediaTek Quad core processor.

Memory for the tablet will have 1GB inbuilt storage. Lenovo TAB3 7 will have a 5MP rear camera and 2MP front camera. And the tablets will be running on the Android Marshmallow 6.0 operating system.

Lenovo TAB3 7 will have a 3450mAh battery while the Lenovo TAB3 8 will have a 4290mAh battery.

Lenovo TAB3 10:

Moving on to the next tablet, Lenovo TAB3 will have a a 1.3Ghz. While in terms of the RAM space and internal storage, the phone will be coming in two different variants.

One having RAM space of 2GB and inbuilt storage of 32GB. While the other one having RAM space of 3GB and inbuilt storage of 64GB.

Lenovo TAB3 will have a 7000mAh battery and it will be running on the Marshmallow OS.

Additional features for the tablet will include features like the NFC and GPS functionality. And further the tablet is rated for some water resistance.


Pricing for all the three tablets are different and depends on the variant your choose. The price of Lenovo TAB3 series will be as follows for different variants.


As of now, the tablets are just a part of the MWC launch event. Lenovo has yet to confirm dates on the official availability of Lenovo TAB3 tablets in India.


Going with the specifications of all the Lenovo TAB3 series of tablets, Lenovo TAB3 7 and Lenovo TAB3 8 seem to be one among the budget ones. While the Lenovo TAB3 10 seems to be top end one.

Even on the storage and hardware front, Lenovo TAB3 series of tablet seem to have quite a few options.

What is your say on the Lenovo TAB3 specifications and price? Let us know with your comments.

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