HTC Desire 828 review

Posted on Mar 3 2016 - 9:38am by Freeda Gillbert

Among the recently launched HTC Desire phones, I have been lucky to review one. And it’s one of my friend who has grabbed the new HTC Desire 828. Let me tell you, she is really glad with the performance of the phone.

So let me take you through the detailed HTC Desire 828 review.

HTC Desire 828 review:


HTC Desire 828 is boxed in a compact packing. And the phone comes with a set of the standard accessories, charger and earphones.


HTC (4)

HTC (1)

 HTC desire 828 review


If you are music nerd, the HTC Desire 828 earphones will not impress you much. And moreover, the phone lacks the basic music effects and settings. Yet the phone has been tried with a Sony and Sennheiser earphones, and HTC desire 828 doesn’t disappoint there!

HTC (6)


HTC has waved out the bold look for its phones, and the HTC Desire 828 is much sleek. HTC Desire 828 is kept pretty with its sleek body and round curved edges.

The 5.5 inch display for phone is quite large and is handy for users at the same time. Color options for the phone is very much limited with shades of Pearl White and Bold Black. Yet both the phones come with the Rose Gold lining on the sides, giving it a classy look.

HTC Desire 828


HTC Desire 828






HTC Desire 828 is powered by a 1.5Ghz Octa core processor coupled with a RAM space of 2GB. And that gives an amazing fast performance for the phone.

At the moment, HTC Desire 828 is available in 16GB inbuilt storage variant. And the expandable storage is something that is jaw dropping! The phone comes with expandable storage upto 2TB through SD card. So that’s a 200GB expandable storage, which means an endless storage of music, photos and movies!


Along with the impressive set of hardware features for HTC Desire 828, the phone is clad with the very new Android Lollipop 5.1 operating system. And we can expect the Marshmallow update for the phone to come soon.


HTC Desire 828 has a camera combo of 13MP rear resolution and 4MP Ultrapixel for the front camera. Yet the results of the same are par excellence.

Broad day light is all what the HTC Desire 828 camera needs. And you will have a bunch of extraordinary clear pictures.

Rear camera:

Clarity that we get with the rear camera of HTC Desire 828 is startling. Even with the zoomed view of the pictures clicked with the front and rear camera, they don’t seem to loose the quality. And that’s worth applauding.



HTC Desire 828

Rear camera photo


Rear camera photo zoomed view

Front camera:

To be honest, you will not be able to really spot the difference between the pictures clicked with rear camera and front camera. And probably that’s the Ultrapixel resolution that we need to thank for.

There could be a pinch of difference in the zoomed view, but that’s fair for a front camera.

Well the clarity and quality is not all what we have with the HTC Desire 828 camera. The phone is wrapped with some of the impressive inbuilt camera features.


Bokeh effect:

Gone is the pain of editing photos to get a blurred background picture. And moreover who does not like to have a DSLR effect?! HTC Desire 828 makes it all easy with the inbuilt Bokeh effect.

This effect captures pictures with a professional blur effect for the object.



Photo Booth:

Now this one can be really fun if you are around crazy friends and babies! All the stupid Expressions and fast movements can be captured under one single picture.

Photo Booth lets you click pictures with different expressions under one frame like the one below.

Split capture:

Taking a picture with the front and rear camera at the same time sounds impossible? Wait until I tell you about the split capture of HTC Desire 828!

This feature lets you click picture from both the rear and front camera at the same time. So the next time you want to click your own picture and also the person in front, you will not have to miss the moment! Split capture will do the work for you!

But something I didn’t really appreciate about HTC Desire 828 is the stereotype editing effects. But I don’t think anybody would really require any editing for these pictures!


The 2800mAh battery of HTC Desire 828 gives a good deal on back up. Even with the long standing use of the phone, HTC Desire 828 manages to stay up for almost a day on single charge. And with that I mean, continuous use of calls and internet being on 24 x 7.

But like some things never change, HTC has not yet got rid of the heating issue!

Price and availability:

HTC Desire 828 gives a treat for your pocket with the best of features and impressive price. In stores the HTC Desire 828 can be grabbed for a price of Rs. 18,550. While on Amazon you can pick the same for a slight high tag of Rs. 18,808.

On Flipkart,HTC Desire 828 is available for purchase at Rs. 19,990. So probably you can get the best deal from a store nearby.

And for the features I see with the HTC Desire 828, the price is all worth!

Pros Cons
Best price Heating issue
Awesome inbuilt camera featuresLimited color options
Giant expandable storage Boring editing effects
Sleek looks

Final verdict:

Personally I did not expect this level of veracity with the “Desire” series of phone. And the reason being that the earlier HTC Desire phones disappointed us with the camera quality. But I have to admit, HTC Desire 828 sets it all right.

Be it with the performance or with the battery or camera, HTC Desire 828 does not give us a chance to complain.

Yet if you wish to get a few queries clarified with the sole user of HTC Desire 828, you can catch up with Gandhali Thakar! Probably she might give you some personal instincts about the phone!

Keep watching this space for more reviews and updates!

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