HTC Desire 620G Review

Posted on Mar 11 2015 - 7:24am by Freeda Gillbert

Launched back in December, HTC Desire 620G was brought ahead as one of the most affordable Android smartphones. Something that was luring the buyers to bag the phone was the 5MP front camera with the HTC Desire 620G.

We are one of them to catch hold of the luring phone from HTC. And being around with the HTC Desire 620G for three months, we have quiet a few impressions for the same.

HTC Desire 620G review


So here is our complete review for HTC Desire 620G.

HTC Desire 620G review:


With the first look of the HTC Desire 620G, user is going to have a classy feel with the phone.  HTC Desire 620G cannot be really called a sleek phone but it surely is a light one to carry around.

Don’t be mistaken for the front panel of the phone to have the Boom sound speakers. The phone comes with the normal speakers only on the front down panel. While the top dotted panel is for the receiver¬†of the phone, and it does no job of a boom sound speaker.

HTC Desire 620G Review

Let’s talk about the interface of the phone.¬†HTC has let gone of the black strip for the home and back button panel, and with the¬†HTC Desire 620G, the company has given a transparent panel for the panel which makes the home screen look sober.

Viewing angle for the phone does complete justice for the HD resolution of the display of  HTC Desire 620G.

HTC Desire 620G review

While the App drawer of the phone still sticks to the dark out background, it does not come with the transparent app drawer.


HTC Desire 620G is unboxed with the Android Kitkat 4.4.2 operating system. If you are going with the images on the box of your phone, then let me tell you, HTC Desire 620G is no where having the HTC Sense UI as showed on the box. But the phone is given the base coat for the UI with the Blinkfeed feature.


Performance of the HTC Desire 620G is something that is impressive with the phone. With the 1.7Ghz Octa core processor, the phone gives a very good performance. Be it for your browsing or Gaming, HTC has well taken care about the working of the phone with the processor and the RAM space for HTC Desire 620G.

With the fast Octa core processor, you will be seeing your apps and browsers opening in just a split second. So if you are a hardcore gamer or browser, the hardware of the HTC Desire 620G will keep your contented.

HTC Desire 620G brings along a very good system for the music, both with the speakers and with headphones. Music with the headphones sound better with the bass effect for songs. So if you are one loving the bang on types music, you are going to love the music of HTC Desire 620G.


HTC Desire 620G comes with internal storage of 8GB which is further expandable through the SD card. But the one thing that you could find annoying with the storage is that, HTC Desire 620G does not allow and store apps directly in the SD card. User has to manually take a back up of all the apps in the SD card.

By default, the phone downloads apps in the internal storage. It does not give an option to move the apps to SD card.


For a 8MP rear camera, the phone delivers a good collection pictures with flash. The only trick you will need with the camera is that, you will have to enable the HDR and the face detection feature for the camera to get the best of pictures.

HTC Desire 620G review

HTC Desire 620G review

Coming to the front camera of the phone, for a 5MP resolution, the phone delivers a fair resolution of pictures. The selfie pictures again depend on the surrounding light. You can hope to get a good collection of selfies with the HTC Desire 620G only in broad day light.


HTC Desire 620G comes with a battery back up of 2100mAh. With die hard use for the phone, HTC Desire 620G stands the battery atleast for 12-14 hours. This goes with your internet on 24 x 7, and with all the use of apps and games.

And with phone on Stand-by mode, you can expect the phone to run for atleast a day.

Unique features:

The camera of the phones brings one of the unique feature that lets a user take pictures even while capturing a video.

Something called as the “Dot view” in the¬†HTC Desire 620G adds to the unique features of the phone. With the Dot view setting on your¬†HTC Desire 620G, you will be able to view calls and notification with a dotted font as shown.

HTC Desire 620G review

NOTE: Dotted Flip case is needed to use the Dot view feature on HTC Desire 620G

Price: Rs. 14,000

Final Verdict:

Well for me, HTC has packed in a great hardware. The battery keeps a user going for almost half a day with complete use of internet and stuff.

If you are looking for a phone with great hardware and battery accompanied with a fair camera, HTC Desire 620G is the best pick for you. And best part about the phone is the price, that falls for a budget price with all the needed specifications packed in!

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