How to use the font settings on Android

Posted on Feb 11 2016 - 5:27am by Freeda Gillbert

How many of us have a problem reading the tiny messages and notifications on our phone? Well I feel, quite a few of us! Mostly with smartphone users who have spectacles, find it a little difficult to manage with the tiny fonts of the phone. And how do we change that?!

Enlarging texts and modifying the fonts on a computer is a child play for us. While doing the same with our phone, can scratch our minds a bit.

How to use the font settings on Android

You will be surprised to see the plenty of options that is available with the Android phone to change and edit the font and text.

So if you wish to edit the way your fonts look, and the size of it, then here is a simple tutorial.

Magnification gestures:

This is one feature in your Android phone, that will let you zoom documents and other important stuff with gestures.

With this feature, you can triple tap the screen to zoom the content that you reading or seeing. Further you can also change the settings to enable zooming with two fingers.

Large Text feature:

If you do not wish to zoom in and see the content every now and then, you can modify the text to look large.

You can change the size of your texts to “Large”. You can do that by going to Settings>Accessibility> Large.

Font size feature:

If the large font options seems to be a bit large for you, you can choose to customize the size out of a varied options.

You can pick a size from a list of four options, Small Normal Large and Huge.

You can find the same by going to Settings>Display>Font size.

Using high contrast text:

Well this a lucky feature which is available only for Lollipop users as of now. So for all of them, this feature could let them see texts in a bit more brighter and darker contrast.

So with all these features, you will probably have a better hang of font and text experience with your phone.

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