Google’s new update is going to assist you with your flight trips

Posted on Oct 18 2016 - 6:11am by Freeda Gillbert

Google Now features and the maps update is already becoming one of the most talked about feature. However Google doesn’t stop there, the update keeps going and it is becoming all the more unique and distressing for users. With every new update for Google, the features are becoming all more user friendly.

So here comes Google with another feature update, and this time making your flight trips and travelling a child’s play.

With the new update, Google’s flight comparison tool is going to be at your rescue for booking flight tickets at the best rate. And not just with the price comparison, but the update is going to be a major help for users to coordinate and try booking from different airports and at different dates.


Explaining the feature a bit in  detail, this tool will also be accompanied with the historical price date tool. This tool will keep you update and know if a ticket is about to get expensive.

Predicting the change of flight rates is ruled out for us. And having a help in that case will be real blessing.

Post this update, you will see a card pop up that will notify you of the expected price change of the flight in the coming days. This prediction by Google is pretty much based on historical data and not on future trends.

So with all the maps update and now the flight widget, Google is becoming our partner in holiday planning!! Do you like this new update of Google’s flight widget?! Leave your suggestions below!

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