Google Maps to get updated with traffic widget

Posted on Oct 15 2016 - 8:41am by Freeda Gillbert

Getting stuck in traffic is something that of all us dread. Imagine setting out on a drive or outing, and you have to spend half of the time sitting in the jam packed space between vehicles!

So you don’t wanna get into that mess right?! And like always, Google maps again comes to our rescue for our driving and rides.

Google is throwing hints for its next new update. And the update seems to be one smart tactic to get out of the annoying traffic.

The latest update for Google maps will be coming up with a new feature that will keep you in loop pertaining to traffic.

So talking about the latest Google maps update, it will give you a moderate clarity on the traffic situation nearby. Google has finally made it to this update, and henceforth you will not have to crib and cry about the traffic blues when you are assisted by Google Maps.


Google maps update will work by the way of a notification, which will give a warning notification about potential traffic issues before users start with the ride. This will be linked to a screen with a map with the current traffic situation.

And just in case you don’t see the notification on time, the updated version of maps comes with a easy shortcut key on homescreen to get back to the maps.

The new Google maps update is not a heavy one, so it’ll not eat up too much of your MBs. This one is a very light update with just the new traffic widget added.

So do you find this new traffic widget update useful for your rides? Leave your suggestions below!

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