Google Cast changing to Chromecast built in

Posted on Nov 24 2016 - 6:56am by Freeda Gillbert

The casting support from Google came ahead as a major transformation for Google users.  With the launch of the Google Chromecast dongle back in 2013, the company made a great way for the mirroring and screen casting.

Google moves one step further with the chromecast ways of working. The company will be soon phasing out the new update for users. And it seems to have all the good features.

Generated by  IJG JPEG Library

Generated by IJG JPEG Library

However this is just a change in the name of the feature. There is no change in the features and the way Chromecast works.

Everything got official when the Twitter account of Google Cast changed to “Google Chromecast”.

The obvious reason for the change in name is that, it is no longer the source to the casting feature.

So this will be quite an interesting change to see in the casting feature! What is your say on the new “Chromecast? Leave your suggestions below!

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