Facebook messenger app gets updated with secret conversations

Posted on Oct 8 2016 - 5:27am by Freeda Gillbert

A few months back, whatsapp received the update for its end to end message encryption. Facebook messenger follows the same and has come up with the update. However, the messenger app is not completely out of security even now. Users can manually activate it for each conversation.

The new update that enables the end-to-end encryption is called the secret conversations. Announcing the new update, Facebook officials clarify that users’ messages are already secure with the secret conversations. But they are encrypted from one device to another.

facebook messenger update

With the secret conversations update, your chats and messages are encrypted from one device to another. This means that your chats are not just secure from your end but also from the Facebook’s server end. And therefore, it cannot be hacked.

This is how you can enable the end to end messages encryption for Facebook messenger.

  1. Go to the messenger app
  2. Click on the new message icon from the top right corner
  3. Now select “Secret”
  4. Now you can select a contact start with your conversations which will be secure
  5. Alternatively you can select a contact and choose “Secret Conversations” from the list of options
  6. But one thing that needs to be taken care with this update is that, both devices in the chat must be updated to the last version of the Facebook messenger.

So if you are looking forward to this update, make sure that you have the latest version of the Facebook messenger installed in your phone!

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