How to enable call waiting on Android

Posted on Jul 14 2016 - 11:27am by Freeda Gillbert

In an era where everything is just a click and call away, keeping our call settings up to the mark is very essential. Having said that, I think we all get enough calls the entire day, be it from work or home. So often, that our calls get clashed so many times.

And here’s where you need to be a bit clever with your call settings. I guess it’s a very known and common feature that all Android phones come with, the call waiting setting.

How to enable call waiting on Android

The call waiting feature in your phone, notifies you of a call during an ongoing call. So that’s going to be something that will not let you miss out on important calls.

With the latest Android OS and upgrades, the call waiting setting gets a bit difficult to find. So here’s a simple tutorial for you know How to enable call waiting on Android

How to enable call waiting on Android

  1. Go to the settings page of your phone
  2. Scroll down to the “Call” tab
  3. From the list of options there, click on “Additional settings”
  4. You will find the option of “Notify me during calls” option
  5. Select the tab to enable the call waiting feature on your phone

And that’s all! You call waiting feature will be activated. You will then be notified of calls that you will get, while you are already on a call.

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