Chromecast: The new way to make it large

Posted on Jul 12 2014 - 12:23pm by Freeda Gillbert

mirror_02Chromecast launched as a digital media player initially  by Google sets another stage for Android. It has now come up with Android Screen mirroring for Chromecast.

Here’s something new about the chromecast app:

  • Android screen mirroring makes it easy for you to have easy access to all your photos, videos and even apps stored in your phone on your T.v screen.
  • Now enjoy all the good old memories stored in your phone on large screen.
  • Not only your photos, but also share all your favourite apps on your T.v screen.
  • Everything that you see on your phone is accessible on your T.v- only “Bigger”
  • Planning a tripping with family or friends? Sketch out your plan sitting with them on the “Big screen” using Google earth.
  • You can have great gaming fun connecting your phone to your big Screen T.v.

How to start Mirroring?

Just simply select  “Cast Screen” from the navigation drawer in the chromecast app and select the device on which you want to cast you mobile phone screen.

On Nexus devices the same  feature is available through the quick settings menu.

The Chromecast Android Screen Mirroring feature is still in beta state. As of now this feature is available on phones and tablets of Samsung, HTC, LG and it will slowly come through the other brands.

Another thing to be noted is that the Android Chromecast Screen mirrroing app will be supporting devices, which are  having 1.7 update of the Chromecast app. The present version is 1.5. The new update will be available in a few days.

The Chromecast app requires Android 2.3 or higher to support.

Forget connecting wires in order to see your  mobile stuff on T.v. No USB cables. No CDs.  View all your shared memories with family an friends on a large screen. Your “Big Moment” is just a click away.

Do share with us your big experience.



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