Best earphones below 1000

Posted on Sep 16 2016 - 5:57am by Freeda Gillbert

How we wish we could get rid of that heavy traffic noise on road! Or those irritating jabbering co-passengers while we travel. Well, here’s where earphones come to our aid.

So be it for your gaming, music, movies, chatting or any other need, a perfect pair of earphones is what could just make your day. And if you don’t yet have one, pick one from our list of best earphones.

And guess what, we have picked up the best which will be a treat to your pockets as well. Take a look at our collection for the Best earphones below 1000

Best earphones below 1000

1.Sennheiser CX 180 Street II In-ear-canalphone:

Price: Rs. 819

Buy from: Flipkart

senheiser earphones with mic

Ranked among the best in earphones, this one from Senheiser is great to go for the price.

The earphones are powered with 16ohm impedence, 20Hz Minimum frequency response and 20000Hz maximum frequency response. Moreover, the crystal clear and crisp sound and unrivaled bass adds to the perks of this earphones.


Price: Rs. 875

Buy from: Flipkart 

best sony earphones

A brand that’s known best for sound accessories and equipments, this one will not fail to deliver with the best quality in earphones! So from Sony, we have the Sony MDR-EX15AP Wired Headphones that’s the best in the given range.

The earphones are powered 16ohm impedance with 8hz minimum frequency response and 22000hz maximum frequency response. The earphone is further mic enabled for convenient call handling.

3. JBL T150A:

Best price: Rs. 799

Buy from: Flipkart

jbl headphones

Now if you have a thing for headphones, this one could just be something that you could consider! JBL’s one of best and cheapest in series being JBL T150A, the headphone comes with the best in class bass effects. Although it is not provided with a mic, the music sound performance is enough for users to fall in love with this piece!

4.Skullcandy SCS2RFDA-074:

Price: Rs. 899

Buy from: Amazon 

earphones below 1000

Clad with the perfect fit and design, Skullcandy SCS2RFDA-074 also delivers the best sound bass and clarity. Features of the this earphone from Skullcandy includes Strong Bass, Fix technology, Superior Noise Isolation,Universal Mic and much more.

Adding to the goodies, the earphone also comes in amazing color variants!

5. JBL T150A:

Price: Rs. 704

Buy from: Amazon

amazon earphones below 1000

Picking up one from JBL, this one is a proper in-ear earphone. Alongside the best price, the earphone is also accompanied with the best features for the same. The frequency response delivers minimum 20Hz to 22kHz performance.

And the earphone is also enabled with mic for call purpose.

So which one would you pick from our list of Best earphones below 1000?! Leave your suggestions below!

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