Best Android accessories every user must have

Posted on May 30 2016 - 10:04am by Freeda Gillbert

With complete user friendly aspects and constant enticing updates, Android OS is ruling the market. Not only for that, but Android phones are easily available in different price ranges. Be it in the budget series or in the high end series, you’ll find a wide range of phones in all categories.

When you have the perfect Android phone that compliments your usage, you need to compliment your phone as well. The usefulness of Android phones will go a long list, but along with some accessories, the phone will simply be a blessing for many! I’m not just talking about the headset and the charger, but a lot of more accessories that will boost up your phone’s usage! Take a look at our pick for the Best Android accessories every user must have.

So give your phones one or more of these perfect partners!

Best Android accessories every user must have

1. VR headset:

Best Android accessories every user must have

This is one of the latest accessory that will bring out the best viewing experience for Android users!

The VR headset(Virtual reality headset) lets users view their videos and movies in an Home theatre viewing experience. Just simply slide your phone to the VR headset and enjoy all your Gaming, video and movie streaming, to an HD viewing experience.

So give yourself and your Android phone, and all new viewing make over. There are not many varieties in the VR headset yet, but you will still find some for yourself from HERE!

2. Qi charging pad:

Qi charging pad

Similar to the powerbank, Qi charging pad also gives your phone a power back up! The only relief with this accessory is that, you will not have any wire attached to your phone while its charging. Another perk with Wireless Charging bank is that, they are pretty fast.

You’ll find a wide range of Qi charging pad from HERE!

3. Android smartwear:

Android smartwear

Smartwear or the Smartwatch works like a small band guide for your phone. If you are someone who is 24 x 7 busy or skips to check your phone often, Android smartwatch will be a good friend for you.

The smartwatch is compatible to many Android apps like contacts, Dialer, SMS, Music and much more.

Take a look at some smartwatch range from HERE!

4. Selfie stick:

Selfie stick

I will not have to explain the importance of having a selfie stick, in times where selfie is just more than viral! How much ever high definition pictures you might have, clicking a selfie is become a must.

And having a selfie stick, gives you the freedom to click pictures in a wider angle. And doing that, covers a lot of people! So if you are up for some selfie sticks, dig in to some options HERE!

5. Powerbank:

Selfie stick

Almost all the recent Android phones give the best  battery back up. They may probably give a day’s back up also. Yet if you are looking for an instant power up for your phone when it’s going dead, a power bank will be of use to you.

Depending on your phone’s battery, pick up a powerbank that will give you atleast 2-3 full charges.

Check out for some of the best power banks from HERE!

6. Camera lens:

Camera lens

If you are not convinced with the picture quality that your Android phone delivers, attaching some camera lenses will do some good to your pictures.

Camera lenses are external lenses that can be attcahed to a phone’s camera. The lenses come with different resolutions and features, giving your picture wide variety of clarity!

Find your suitable camera lenses from HERE!

7. Bluetooth speaker:

Bluetooth speaker

If you are music lover, Bluetooth speaker will let you ease your music craving to a great extent. With the Bluetooth speakers, all you have to do is just connect the speaker to your phone via Bluetooth and blast the your favorite numbers!

Get yourself the best Bluetooth speakers from HERE!

8. Stereo cable splitter:

Stereo cable splitter

Sharing your earphones could be a bit crammed, specially when you listen to something important. But the stereo cable could save you from sharing your earphones the next time.

The cable lets your use two different earphones at one time connecting it your phone through a cord. And that’s all in takes to listen and enjoy your videos and music peacefully.

Get yourself one audio splitter cable from HERE and relax yourself from sharing your earphones!

9. OTG cable:

OTG cable

Not all of us store our entire data in our phones. And if you have a lot of stuff stored in your pendrive, an OTG cable will help youconnect your phone and pendrive.

The OTG cable connects your phone to pendrive, and that helps users to view and transfer stuff from pendrive to phone and vice versa.

Pick one for your phone from HERE! 

10. Android projector:

Android projector

If you are someone who has to make presentations and slideshows often, Android projector will ease your job! Make it a little stressful for you, by simply getting on with your work on the phone and sharing the same on a screen from an Android projector.

Android projector will simply cast all your data from your phone on a screen, making things less hassle free for you!

If you wish to grab one, hop HERE!

So which one of these would you think will be the perfect partner for your Android phone? Let us know with your comments.

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