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Posted on Apr 17 2015 - 4:08am by Ajay Bisht

Android smart phones and tablets have evolved tremendously ever since they came into existence and it is no surprise that a major reason behind their popularity is the never- ending list of apps as well as games associated with them. There are new and enhanced Android apps being introduced every other day. Utility apps are undoubtedly a favourite among Android customer base. So without wasting much time, let us make haste and go through a detailed review of the VPN for Android application.


Vpnster: VPN for Android

VPN for Android application is developed by Roibax LLC and it the latest social app to have hit the Play Store. Vpnster is another name for Internet freedom as well as privacy. Using this app, users can get access to all kinds of entertaining stuff on their Android powered smart phones and tablets. One of the best features of this Android application is that it is capable of providing you access to all blocked as well as unavailable content in your country as well.

Get Vpnster: VPN for Android app now

Meanwhile, there will never be any compromises made with your internet privacy and security. In fact, Vpnster application also ensures that your device as well as other applications stays secure even when you are accessing internet via public Wi-Fi. Isn’t it something worth trying?

Some outstanding features of Vpnster app

  1. This application helps in securing your identity across all websites on the internet by hiding your IP Address.
  2. For providing ultimate privacy, all incoming as well as outgoing traffic on your device is encrypted by the Vpnster app.
  3. It also defends your device from all hacking and intruding attacks.
  4. While you are connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots, VPN for Android makes sure that your connection is completely transparent.
  5. With the help of your most- used as well as favourite browser, this application also makes sure that all locally blocked websites are unblocked on your Android powered devices.
  6. Vpnster provides all users with complete and uninterrupted access to all kinds of media content on the internet, such as audio, video, social networks, VoIP as well as each and every messaging application used across the world.
  7. This app also prevents the tracking of your online activities. With no history or track- record, your browsing data is kept private and protected during all times.
  8. While you are travelling or when you are at work, Vpnster app makes sure that your internet connection bypasses all kinds of firewalls.
  9. You can also enjoy optimized audio and video streaming on your devices with the help of fast, free and reliable VPN connection.

Getting started with Vpnster

In order to get started, you need to connect your device to the internet, launch Vpnster application and then click on “ON” button in order to turn on VPN app.



How Vpnster works?

Vpnster keeps your IP hidden and your identity remains completely anonymous over the internet. It makes use of its very own Virtual Private Network (VPN) to route and bypass all traffic and firewalls.

This app supports Wi-Fi, LTE, GSM, 3G as well as 4G connections.

If you are a simple free user, you’ll get time bonuses every day – so called Daily Bonuses. If you need more connection time and want it for free, you may create Vpnster account – it will increase your daily bonus and give you opportunities to get more connection time by doing simple stuff like social sharing or inviting friends. Also having Vpnster account is convenient when you use the service on several devices – for example Android and PC. You can spend your bonuses on each of them.


If you need to unblock any specific site, app or service, like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or else, you may go to the “Locations” and choose the country where it is allowed. It is also useful when you need to change the country of the service, for example to look through US Play Market while being in China. And, of course, Vpnster gives you access to your favourite social media at work, school or in college.


In addition, you finally can reach the content unavailable in your country like watch Netflix and listen to Spotify outside US.


If you like the app and want unlimited service you can get Premium subscription. It gives you unlimited VPN connection by all means: time, speed and bandwidth. Also all servers become available.


Download Vpnster :

Here is the Google Play download link for Vpnster : Vpnster from Android

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