5 new Android features that has changed our way of smartphones

Posted on Nov 25 2016 - 8:45am by Freeda Gillbert

Comparing the pros and cons of Android with other OS has been a never ending debate. But there is always something that Android can do, and the other OS lack in the same. Further with each upgrading OS, Android is being redirected to every other feature that peps up the popularity of Android amidst buyers.

So here is are some features about Android that has notable uniqueness in it, and makes it stand out among all the other OS in the market.


Take a look at our list for 5 new Android features that has changed our way of smartphones

5 new Android features that has changed our way of smartphones

1. Turbo Charging:

Battery charge out is the last thing we will want to see in our phones. And while many other OS are still working out on providing the best battery back up for their phones, Android has turned up with the best in class.

Something called as the Turbo charging was introduced to Android phone brands like Moto and Samsung.

Turbing charging enabled Android phones to get charged within just 15 minutes with a back up that lasts for atleast three hours. That itself is a great milestone for Android users with a battery life that had their back through whatever and howmuchever they use!

2. Removable storage and battery:

Storage is one of the major feature that buyers look for, while buying phones. And Android comes as a convenient pick for proving both removable and expandable storage.

Talking about the battery, Android phones come with the easy-go handling of removing batteries. So in case you intend on sticking to your phone for some more time by replacing the battery, you can do so with Android phones.

3. Connects you to your PC hassle free:

This one from Android was just more than we would have asked for. Whether you want to manage your messaging apps or other phone functions, Android Synchronization with PC has come a long way ahead, helping users with better multi tasking.

4. Wide range of Custom home launchers:

Other OS people will surely envy Android users for having this one thing! Android provides users to have customized launchers and homescreen layouts. Other OS users also get a bit of customization for their launchers, but not to the extent of Android!

5. Automation  made easy:

With Android, managing and multi tasking with the usage of apps become even more easier. You can turn off the location for one app, while turn off some other settings for another app. And this one on with setting the kind of commands you wish to have for your Android settings.

6. Alternate keyboards:

Be it with your smileys keyboards or the emoji customized keyboards, Android makes it very simple for users to keep it the you want.

While this is not a big deal for other OS, they stil require users to install another app or program to support the same!

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