A Sweet 16-step guide for installing your next drywall

Whether you’re adding an extension or constructing a new drywall, these supplies are an absolute must.

Besides the Drywall Panels, you need other accessories.

  • Drywall Sanding Screen,
  • Drywall Corner Bead,
  • Joint Compound,
  • Spray Textures,
  • Drywall Tape,
  • Screws,
  • Shims,

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When building your wall, drywall panels are typically screwed directly to wood studs.

  1. Please space the screws 16 inches apart on walls, and 12 inches apart on ceilings. Moreover, the screws should be placed at least three-eighths of an inch from the panel edge.
  1. Kindly use a screw gun with a clutch or an impact driver to drive the screw head into the drywall. Also, please make sure to not let it tear through the paper facing.
  1. To achieve a professional-looking result, use a drywall dimpler to fix the screws. If the corners of the drywall meet, please make sure they are in the middle of a stud.
  1. The butt joint is the joint between two adjacent sheets of drywall that have the same thickness. To ensure they fit, kindly cut one sheet to the correct length.
  1. Whenever you’re cutting drywall, use a straightedge tool, such as a drywall square, to guide the knife’s blade. Please bend the drywall away from the cut surface so that it breaks off by cutting straight across the white face paper surface.
  1. Besides, sanding blocks or drywall rasps can help ensure a smooth cut edge too. Incidentally, both horizontal and vertical installations are possible for panels. A horizontal application, however, will result in the strongest wall.
  1. To hide the seams and screws of the panels, please apply drywall tape with a joint compound. Please use a paint mixer or a drill to mix the compound before applying. The most important thing is to mix it well until it is smooth and about the consistency of toothpaste. Only if necessary, add a little water to adjust the consistency.
  1. Using a six-inch taping knife, spread the joint compound in a mud pan. Please apply an eighth of an inch thick bed layer to smooth out the joint. At this point, the joint is then taped and embedded with paper tape.
  1. Tightly embed the tape by drawing the knife along the joint. Under the tape, please apply enough joint compound to prevent blistering. Next, cover the embedded tape with a thin layer of compound, cleaning any excess compound off the edges.
  1. You should wait 24 hours at least, before applying the first two finish coats. Kindly scrape off any bumps or ridges with the knife, again being careful not to damage the paper.
  1. Please apply a second coat of the joint compound at a flatter angle using an eight-inch taping knife. For a smooth, even layer, feather the top and bottom edges of the seam and kindly let it dry.
  1. Please use a 12-inch taping knife to apply the final finish coat. It is especially important to apply only a thin layer. Now feather a couple of inches beyond the final coat in the top and bottom corners. Generally, a well-done job will only need light sanding.
  1. To sand, use a fine-grit sanding screen, and please avoid scuffing the gypsum panel paper. Markedly, bowl sanders are useful for sanding walls and ceilings. Also, if you have to sand the wall extensively, you have applied too much mud. Please refrain from applying excess mud.
  1. Similarly, apply joint compound to drywall and press an inside corner bead into it. For embedding, run your tape knife along the corners of the inside edges. When finishing an outside corner, take care to spread the joint compound a bit wider than the area to be covered.
  1. After applying the compound, please press the paper face bead into place. To press the paper into the compound, run a knife over the bead. Please apply a thin coat of compound over the corner bead.

Tech In 2022: Introducing Meta-Verse


This concept was predictable because use of a lot of concepts in this TECH were already known to exist but many other concepts are being introduced along with the impossible task of integrating real world with virtual world.

Let’s talk about what Meta-verse is all about and what this concept has to offer:

  • PRESENCE –Social media users have more inclination towards visual representation of stories and ideas now rather than texts and they see people doing various adventures and experiences in their day to day lives. Meta will let you experience everything in your virtual life without the constraint of a screen and even let you jump into different places and experience without having to actually visit there.

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  • AVATARS – This feature has already been incorporated in several platforms like instagram and even bitmojis in snapchat have been updated to look like avatars. This is somewhat like a profile picture and how others will be able to see us in the Meta-verse with customizable clothing styles and appearance options.
  • SPACES – Here you are given an option of freedom to design your home-space, workspace, and even create other spaces as per your choice and even invite your friends and family over for a party or get together.
  • TELEPORTING – Just the idea of missing your family who are miles away but you have the option of teleporting to them through a 4D hologram is just life changing. TECH has improved so much that now you can now be present at two completely different locations on Earth just through devices like headsets.
  • VIRTUAL GOODS – Everything that is owned by you in Meta-verse will not be a waste but will actually be considered you property by people in the real world as well like crypto currency and NFTs. This feature is also very important because a lot of business concerns have a chance to grow and the AR world will have a combined marketplace with real world where people can buy and sell goods to avatars as well.

The above points are just the basic features of what and how this Meta-verse works and what it is all about. This surely is will be one of the greatest TECH innovations after the invention of Internet, if Meta can successfully implement their ideas as per their 5-10 year plan. Meta-verse can completely change how people work and live and be a revolutionary TECH innovation for the generations to come.