Everything You Need To Know About AI

Artificial intelligence is a technology which works on synthesizing, perceiving and inferring information which is demonstrated by machines. In now days ai applications contains advanced web search engines like google, bing and the recommendation systems in youtube, amazon, flipkart and Netflix, ai is also used in understanding human speech e.g., alexa, siri, and google home, and also competing at the highest level in game systems like chess.

Artificial intelligence was founded in 1956 as an academic discipline. After many year of optimism which was followed by disappointment and the loss of money which became famous among the people and was known as AI winter. That led to an different app roach with new funding and eventually got success.


What are the risk and dangers of AI?

Ai is has potential beyond human imagination and is very powerful so with great power comes with great responsibility. From past to this day the technology has tended to increase and spread, it has reduced total number of employment for humans. A survey done by economists showed us disagreement about whether the mass use of robots and ai will result in substantial increase in long term unemployment, which they generally agree that it could be a net benefit if the productivity gains are redistributed.

The government also usesai as number of tools that are particularly smart spyware, voice recognition and face recognition which allow wide surveillance all over the country and such surveillance allows machine learning to specify potential enemies and attacks and can prevent them from hiding. In now days the ai has entered the weaponizedai such as digital warfare and some lethal autonomous weapons in 2015 it was reported that over fifty countries were researching battlefield robots. For an instance machine learning ai can design thousands of toxic molecules in a matter of hours.

What is the future with AI?

We can call ai as a super intelligence, hyper intelligence or superhuman intelligence in near future because ai is evolving at a very high pace which will become a far superior of the most gifted human mind. If the research in artificial general intelligence produced enough intelligent ai based software which might be able to reprogram itself and help itself to improve which will more efficient than done by a human. Ai Robot designers like hansmoravec, ray kurzweil and Kevin warwick have predicted that the humans and machines will merge in coming future and they will be called as cyborgs that are more capable, powerful than a 100% human, this idea is called as transhumanism.